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Hackathon Pitches

Published onNov 17, 2018
Hackathon Pitches

If you have a pitch idea, please add it here!

  • Implementing ‘nutrition labels’ for content

  • Deradicalization toolkit: integrating into modern platforms

  • Bitpress (details: in pub)

    • misinformation alerts: ~400 monthly

    • is what we’re producing getting in front of the right people? proposing: an email list that aggregates all work to be shared regularly

      • todo:

        • definition (what is misinformation?)

        • content standards

        • format

        • governance

        • the [email] list: tooling and product

  • Logically: London-based tech startup building AI solutions to ID misinfo

  • HINTS: the Human Interaction News Trust Synthesizer / TweetRank

  • Gabe Stein: Review Maps (MIT KFG)

    • Publish documents that are machine and human-readable that include metadata about the process behind publishing an article

    • deliverable: proposal for what those documents look like

  • Danny: app Tackl, connecting users to factchecking groups in India

    • detecting duplicate claims — want to meta-dedupe, work w others on it

  • Alma

    • Content creators for change! connecting social media influencers of color

    • Finding ways to link that effort w/ countering propaganda + fake news

  • Karim (Meedan)

    • claim detection (cf Danny)

    • take claim review metadata and store all links in database

    • filtering CommonCrawl down to metadata articles

  • ? + Aviv

    • Thoughtful technology.

  • Oceane (Media Lab)

    • Looking for UI folks to help build app to tag assertion with in-group indicator of trustworthiness

  • Texas Justice Initiative

    • portal for data on TX criminal justice system

    • help with: verification of government data; completion and verification of dataset

Chris Marciniak?

  • Posted a dataset: from Twitter’s elections integrity hub, + accounts, images, tweets, links

  • Interest: exploring network metrics for how information is spreading (exploratory analysis)

Elan Pavlov - HINTS

  • Categorizing fake news by people who use it

  • Ranking news based on person who propagates it

  • Extend to HINTS: human-interaction based trust

SJ — Underlay project

  • Aligning different data sets w/ one another and w wikidata.

  • Posting a high-level set of pointers to credibility indicators in use here

  • Josh D. (black sweater) — CitationGraph

    • Idea: instead of …. wrap each citation in a metanode that contains extra data about it

    • in between: layer that links one claim to all of its different studies

A.N? — A meta project: I’m capturing stories from people here about their work. Come talk to me about how you came here!

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