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List of credibility indicators (draft)

Published onNov 18, 2018
List of credibility indicators (draft)

Public credibility indicators

Please edit this to add others that you use!

Trust Project - 8 of 37 indicators about news orgs (Trello); no data dumps, but can scrape data
ClaimReview - about claims. May data dump + datafeed (bug tracker)

Research datasets:

CredCo alpha (50 articles, similar articles)
Jigsaw (imagined: 300 articles) [check w/ Camille]
CLAIMS study (1000 health news items, 2015)

Twitter data:

IRA (troll) accounts found by Twitter (2017, 2018, 538 code)
Elections integrity hub (Twitter, 2016 election)

Fact-checks of individual claims/articles:

FactCheck, Snopes, Politifact
WaPo, Weekly Standard

Lists of credible sources


Signers of the IFCN code of principles

Shared catalogs:

Newspapers of record (WP)
Media Bias list ( - itself perhaps biased?

Columbia Journalism Newspaper quality rankings (1999)

Trusting News Project Report 2017

RCP lists; …

General background:

Pew on Journalism

Tools and other projects

Tools for producing credibility ratings:

Check (Meedan) - used internally w/in newsrooms?
Share the Facts - widgets for sharing fact-check work
Fact Check Markup Tool - for adding ClaimReview to a site

Collections of research

Moz: Catalog of research on Misinfo

Other projects + service providers

Certified Content Coalition (source standards, cable TV)
Credibility Coalition (W3C standard: signals + vocab)-
FactsMission - linked data services
Trustmetrics - Whitelists + blacklists of sources

Other groups discussing approaches or indicators

Matter Ventures, Duke Reporters Lab,
Reporters Without Borders,
Subject based catalogs, Verifiable claims (standards)
Farnaz J (MIT: exposing data to individuals so they can evaluate cred)

Discontinued: Tim Van Gelder: Credibility score based on virtues shown on the site:

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